Bedroom September 17 2012

BonBon Break

A Tutorial on Spanx

(or how to stuff your muffin top into a lycra tube)

~:: Frugalista ::~

Do you wear Spanx? Are you afraid of their snugness? Do you think it’s futile and your muffin top will just spill over the elastic anyway? Well, I wear Spanx. I wear them any chance I get. I love the fortress of beige elastic that pulls my squishy pizza dough of a belly to a New York thin crust instead of a Chicago deep dish. I love the fact that they have a style that goes all the way up to my armpits so there’s no chance that my muffin top can escape.






ABOUT REBECCA: She is a wife of one, a mom of two and she drives a minivan. She might serve on the PTA, she might wear yoga pants, but don’t underestimate the cliche that is her life! These are her confessions of a middle-aged drama queen.

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Your Body Style is Great

 ~:: Just a Normal Mom ::~

It becomes like the chorus of a catchy song. Put-downs so common we don’t even think about muttering them out loud. “I need to lose these saddle bags.” “I hate my belly.” “My butt is too big.” We need to STOP. It’s time we embraced ourselves, because we are so much more than a shape. We are awesome and we deserve better.






ABOUT ALLY: Ally is a forty-something mother of a teenage son, “parent” of a black lab mix, and wife to a man who is extremely tolerant of her blogging habit. They live in the Pacific Northwest, where skies are gray more often than she likes. She started blogging with her best friend to show that they were the normal ones and it was the rest of the world that was a little wonky. Ally has continued blogging, as well as her belief that she is normal.

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The First Day

 ~:: Djibouti Jones ::~

The first day in Djibouti was, um, difficult. I thought Lucy would be the one to have a meltdown, but I was wrong. It was me. And in Djibouti, the term ‘meltdown’ takes on a whole new meaning.

The heat index was 140F.

The ‘F’ can stand for whatever you think I was thinking as I lay on the mattress in a pool of sweat, thoughts of my two children in Kenya running through my mind. Why, oh why, had I left them there and come home to this?




ABOUT RACHEL: Rachel Pieh Jones has written for the New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, EthnoTraveler, the Desiring God blog, and Running Times. She lives in Djibouti with her husband and three children and blogs at
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You Know You Are Going to Get Cancer, Right?

 ~:: Mastering Mommy Brain ::~

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in a few short weeks, we will be seeing pink everywhere. Breast Cancer does not wait for October to affect families though, and two years ago, I had my big “wake up” call when cancer affected my family. I now will always be vigilant about taking care of myself and encouraging my female friends and family members to do the same. Today, I would love to give you a glimpse of my story.





ABOUT DANA: Dana is a mom living in the northeast who has a loving husband, 2 adorable children, and a crazy full-time job. She is the creator of Mastering Mommy Brain, which aims to provide a place for moms to know they are not alone in their busy lives. You can follow Mastering Mommy Brain on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.