Bacon Chicken Ranch Burgers

Alice Seuffert

Alice of Dining with Alice has a yummy burger recipe perfect for a backyard BBQ or weeknight dinner with her Bacon Chicken Ranch Burgers recipe!

The Bacon Chicken Ranch Burgers recipe starts with ground chicken and is combined with smoky bacon, shredded cheddar cheese and ranch seasoning.

Alice says this about the recipe, “Every time I make these Bacon Chicken Ranch Burgers people ask me for the recipe. The shredded cheese inside the patties makes pops of cheese among all the juicy pieces of bacon.”

Alice gives a tip that you can grind your own chicken breasts in a food processor instead of buying ground chicken which is a great money-saving tip!

These Bacon Chicken Ranch Burgers will become a new family favorite because they are so simple and tasty!

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Alice is the creator of Dining with Alice where she shares creative comfort food recipes and conversations about motherhood. Alice cooks regularly on television and is known for her easy, accessible and fun recipes. She also works outside the home as an education researcher. Alice’s favorite and most important role is mom and wife. Her family loves reading, cooking, adventuring around their home state of Minnesota and checking out new food spots.