Pickled Onions

Alice Seuffert


It’s time to dust off the grill and get ready for outdoor cooking and eating. These Pickled Onions from Alice of Dining with Alice are the perfect condiment for grilling season, so gear up to make a big batch of these tangy alliums to slather on chicken, pork, burgers, or really, pretty much anything you’re cooking on the grill.

While these onions have big flavor, they’re quite simple to make. Alice says, “The pickling liquid is simple for the onions; it really was just things I had in my pantry. The taste is a tangy vinegar onion spiked with flavors of anise and a bite of spice.”

The recipe produces about a quart of pickled onions, which you can keep for up to two weeks — if they last that long. Happy grilling!

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Pickled Onions | BonBon Break


Alice Seuffert is a Minnesota mom, wife, education researcher, and blogger at Dining with Alice, where she shares her food and family adventures. She works full-time as an education researcher for a Twin Cities nonprofit organization. On her blog, she shares her adventures making creative comfort food, experiences as a mom, and fun activities like enjoying craft beer. Alice is the Kitchen Star on the Twin Cities television show, Twin Cities Live and is known for her creative comfort food recipes and tips for busy parents.