Adventures in Pediatrics by The Nitty Gritty Mommy

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Adventures in Pediatrics

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Adventures in Pediatrics by The Nitty Gritty MommyHaving three preschoolers means you get to see your pediatrician, a lot. When two of them were preemies and seem to have a niche for catching every virus which is within a 50 foot radius, and are asthmatic, you get to visit even more. And when you have no family within 500 miles and your husband works 45 minutes away you get to take all three to the doctor, even if only one is sick.

It’s fun’s how it goes.

ABOUT JENNIFER: Jennifer is a mother of three preschoolers, twin boys and a daughter just 19 months younger. Her life is wonderful and messy and funny and chaotic. She blogs about it at

She has been married to her husband Dave for over 10 years and is a stay at home mom who loves to read and write in her (limited) spare time. Jennifer can also be found on Facebook.