Time to Recharge by Riding NYC with Amy

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Time to Recharge

~:: Riding NYC with Amy ::~

Time to Recharge with Riding NYC with Amy (finding ME time)This weekend I finally got a little me-time, with my bike, the road, and a few thousand New Yorkers. I did the 30 mile (with hills!!) Hudson Valley Bike Tour with Bike NY. I had been looking forward to this for weeks. Excited to have a little me-time, and that does not mean a trip to the grocery store alone or running errands after my husband gets home to babysit or reading a book in another room. This was something I really wanted to do. Something I planned for and set a date. Something I waited for with anticipation. Something I knew would give me the 3 things I needed the most to recharge: exercise, being outside, and getting out of the city. Woohoo!

Let me show you how a bike tour recharges and helps me become a better mother, wife and woman… It might just help you find your recharger!

ABOUT AMY: Amy, author of Riding NYC with Amy, is a wife, teacher, cyclist and city mom. She blogs about living a happy healthy lifestyle, parenting strategies from personal experiences, educational tips for parents, ideas for the family home, life in a metropolitan city with kids, and whatever inspires her while hoping to inspire you. In her spare time she enjoys cycling, reading, traveling, and finding the next adventure for her family, because family time cannot be a side note in today’s bustling world. Find out more and follow Amy on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.