9 Ways To Save Money On Groceries (That Don’t Involve Coupons)

Haley Nelson

Everyone loves saving money on groceries but it’s a challenge to find the time to clip, organize and bring the actual coupons to the store. Well, there’s good news for you: you don’t have to clip coupons to significantly save money on groceries. Haley Nelson from Cheap Recipe Blog shares money-saving tips and budget-friendly recipes on her blog and she recently published her first ebook, 39 Low-Effort Ways To Save Up To $9,340.67 This Year.

Her book includes tips on how to stretch meals and even unique tips like how to save money on cocktails. We asked this expert on saving money and creating budget-friendly meals to share her 9 ways to save money on groceries but with a caveat, no coupons!

9 Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries

1: Make a list and stick to it: Unplanned purchases can skyrocket your grocery bill. The solution is easy: Plan your upcoming meals and make a corresponding grocery list.

2: Be flexible: Sometimes it is okay to deviate from your grocery list if you find an amazing deal. I recently stumbled upon an avocado deal that I couldn’t pass up (3 for $1.00). I wasn’t planning on purchasing avocados but decided last minute to have a taco night.

3: Use your smartphone: When you’re at the grocery store, you can use your phone to look up recipes, comparison shop, look up alternative uses for an ingredient or ingredient substitutions, etc. All of these can save you money.

4: Buy in bulk: Many items in the bulk section are cheaper, ounce for ounce than their packaged counterparts. I often purchase pantry staples this way. I also use the bulk section to buy small amounts of a food item that I need for one specific recipe. Take a stroll through the bulk section next time you’re at the grocery store. You will be surprised at how much you can find!

5: Use the grocery store salad bar: You should give the grocery store salad bar another look next time you go shopping. Whenever I need a small amount of bacon or cheese for a recipe, I purchase it on the salad bar. You can save money and time by purchasing certain lightweight items on the salad bar.

6: Look for bruised fruits and vegetables: Some grocery stores sell bruised or dented fruits and vegetables at a discount. While they may not be as pretty, they usually taste just as good and can be used in the same way.

7: Load your cart with budget-friendly staples: Eggs, oats, potatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, polenta, beans, and rice are all affordable food items that can be prepared in numerous ways. Using these pantry staples, you can easily feed a family of four for less than $10 a day.

8: Know your cheap cuts of meat: Meat doesn’t have to be the most expensive item on your grocery bill. Ground turkey, ground beef, chicken thighs, and sausage are all budget-friendly meats that can easily be made into a meal.

9: Don’t ignore the freezer section: Frozen fruits and veggies are often much cheaper than their fresh counterparts – and they often have a variety of uses. But don’t stop at produce. You can score all types of deals in the freezer section. You just have to look!

If you implement these tips, you are well on your way to saving significant money on groceries. No coupons required!

What are your favorite ways to save money on groceries?

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Save money (without using coupons!). These are great tips for thrifty people on a budget.




Haley has been in love with cooking and baking her whole life. She shares recipes that are cheap, creative, and delicious on her blog, Cheap Recipes Blog. She believes that by choosing the right ingredients and learning a few money-saving tips, anyone can start saving money immediately.