How to Make (Cheap) Sushi at Home

Haley N


If the idea of making sushi at home seems daunting to you, you’re not alone. Besides the expense of purchasing sushi grade fish, trying something new can feel overwhelming. Haley, of Cheap Recipes Blog, says, “Dealing with raw fish and unfamiliar ingredients, using a sushi mat, and rolling maki can be intimidating.”

Fortunately, Haley has come up with great step-by-step directions for making your own sushi. Not only that, she’s sharing her recipe for doing it inexpensively, too — by substituting chicken for the fish in her rolls.

Haley says, “The combination of teriyaki chicken with creamy avocado and crunchy asparagus was just perfect. I served this at a party I recently attended, and they were a hit. Nobody could really tell that they were eating chicken. One person thought the chicken was tempura shrimp.”

Since going out for sushi usually makes for an expensive meal, Haley’s DIY version means that enjoying sushi doesn’t need to feel like an extravagance. Hooray for that! Bring on the sushi!

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Haley has been in love with cooking and baking her whole life. She shares recipes that are cheap, creative, and delicious on her blog, Cheap Recipes Blog. She believes that by choosing the right ingredients and learning a few money-saving tips, anyone can start saving money immediately.