Stock These! 8 Surprising Ingredients for Quick Dinners by The Busy Hedonist

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Stock These! 8 Surprising Ingredients for Quick Dinners

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Stock these! 8 surprising ingredients for quick dinners by The Busy Hedonist

What ingredients do you always keep stocked in your kitchen?

For me, the standbys remain the same: olive oil, butter, stock, garlic, onions and wine. And of course lots of herbs and spices. Then, when I come home with fresh produce I can make some easily.

But what else to keep on hand? Items to make dinner a bit more interesting?

I’ve found that having these 8 items stocked lends itself to super easy dinners night after night. AlthoughI love planning, there are times those plans go down the drain and I whip up something quickly, which is actually how I like to roll sometimes.

When I am pressured to create something to eat with what’s in the refrigerator (without running to the store) that’s often when I create the best meals.

So, here is a list to keep your imagination sparked. It ‘s a list that evolves. But if you keep these things stocked (along with the ones I mention above), when you stare into the refrigerator at the produce lingering there, and wonder what’s for dinner, you’ll be able to make something quickly.

TraceyABOUT TRACY:  Tracey worked at several top Boston and NYC restaurants and hung up her apron to use her degree in journalism plus her love of food to write about her favorite subjects: traveling, cooking and dining. Her articles have appeared in many publications, including The Boston Globe,The New York Times City Section, The New York Daily News, Dean & Deluca’s Gourmet Food Blog,, The New York Sun, Relish, Time Out,,, among other publications. Tracey loves finding the best places to eat in NYC and around the world, plus cooking and creating recipes in her NYC kitchen, using the abundant ingredients she finds in NYC’s specialty food stores, which you can discover in her App: NYC iFoodShop—A food lover’s guide to shopping in NYC( . Tracey was twice awarded fellowships in fiction from The Ragdale Foundation, where she worked on her novel, The Patisserie of Dreams. Originally from Boston, Tracey now lives in New York City.

You can chat with her on Twitter (, visit her on Facebook (, see food photos on Pinterest ( or stop by her site, The Busy Hedonist ( If you need deciding what’s for dinner, Tracey offers Your Weekly Dinner Plan(, which offers fresh, easy, seasonal dinner menus that arrive with an easy-to-use shopping list.


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