5 Ways to Play with Balloons


It’s party season for us and we are overrun with balloons – helium-filled, blown up ones and every colour you can image. What to do with them is always a conundrum – personally, after a couple of hours, I want to burst them all. However, they are great for easy prep or no prep activities for kids and as long as you keep aware and clear up any broken balloons (as they can be a choking hazard) they will have lots of fun with them.

 With five different ideas working on gross motor, fine motor, maths and creative arts there is a little bit of everything for the kids to enjoy, especially if you are stuck inside on a Snow/Rainy/Too hot to venture outside day that this time of year often brings about. I’m challenging my kids with the first one and seeing how many balloons will fit, getting them to order, sort and arrange in different combination, great for team work and logical thinking, as well as some fabulous problem solving opportunities.




Five Ways to Play with Balloons

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Laura is a stay at home mom to twin boys and the author of Sunny Day Family. She shares kids' activities and crafts that are both simple and fun! She also has a passion for encouraging literacy in young children and is dedicated to raising lifelong readers who enjoy engaging book activities.