5 Vegetables to Plant Now for a Fall Harvest by Melissa K. Norris

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5 Vegetables to Plant Now for a Fall Harvest by Melissa K. NorrisThere’s nothing as good as harvesting home grown vegetables from your own backyard. One of my favorite things about summer is having a free grocery store next to my house.

These are some of our favorite fall and cool weather crops to grow. Depending upon your first hard frost date, you might be able to sow some of these up into September or about 4 weeks before your first hard frost. Our’s is typically the tale end of October or first of November.

These are 5 vegetables to plant now for a fall harvest.

melissa k norrisABOUT MELISSA: Melissa’s mission through Pioneering Today, is teaching and implementing the best of the pioneer lifestyle into modern day lives. In all of her books, blog posts, podcasts, live television shows and newspaper columns, Melissa teaches through heirloom gardening, preserving the harvest with canning, dehydrating, and root cellar techniques and cooking traditional food from scratch. She also encourages people to build up a real food pantry, raise your own livestock, forage wild edibles, and incorporate all aspects of modern homesteading when possible.

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