5 Quick Tips for New Balance Bikers by Wild Tales of…

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5 Tips for New Balance Bikers - Wild Tales Of

As parents of an active, curious and busy little boy, we welcome new avenues that lead him outside to explore the world (and burn up all his energy). Our 2-year old son received a balance bike for his 2nd birthday from our generous family and has been cruising around the neighborhood, in his own little way, ever since. It’s been fascinating to sit back and watch his interest and skills develop over just a short period of time. As we watch his progress, we have noticed a few little things have helped move him into the direction of being a full on balance biker.

Wild Tales of - HeadshotABOUT KATE: Kate is an elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home mom living in Seattle, Washington. As a mother and wife to a toddler and husband who love adventure and are always on the move, she’s either on a trip or planning one up! She keeps track of all this activity on their blog: Wild Tales of…. You’ll find Kate and the boys exploring the Pacific Northwest and beyond sharing tips, tricks, favorite destinations, and inspiration along the way.

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