Why You Should Let Your Kids Run Around Barefoot…by CragMama

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Why You Should Let Your Kids Run Around Barefoot…

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Why You Should Let Your Kids Run Around Barefoot…by CragMama“It’s fluffy Mommy!”, announced C excitedly, as he danced and jumped around in the soft, tickly grass in our backyard.  Those first few barefoot days of spring are priceless – reconnecting us with the earth in the last gasps of winter.  For our family, footwear has always been optional in warm weather…it’s always just been a comfort thing – who doesn’t like feeling mossy grass beneath their toes and soft carpet under their feet?  But as it turns out, there are substantial health benefits to walking around barefoot – ESPECIALLY for kiddos!  More importantly, there are significant problems that can occur from too much or ill-fitting footwear.  So kick your shoes off, get comfortable, and read on to see why your kids (and you!) should log in some barefoot hours…

ABOUT ERICA:  Whether it’s dangling from a rope on a rock face or catching bugs in the backyard with her toddler, chances are you can find Erica outside somewhere. As a sponsored athlete for Trango Climbing Gear and AthletaErica seeks to not only promote rock climbing, but also become an inspiration for families wanting to get outside and recreate together. In addition to gear reviews, helpful tips and how-to’s for taking your family into the great outdoors, Erica documents her family’s adventures on her blog, Cragmama.com, an online resource for families and families-to-be.

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