45 Ways to Awaken a Child’s Senses Outdoors by Connecting Family and Seoul

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45 Ways to Awaken a Child’s Senses Outdoors

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45 Ways to Awaken a Child's Senses Outdoors

When toddlers are outside exploring the world it is important for them to do so while awakening their five senses. As a teacher, I saw firsthand how my students were multi-sensory learners and had different learning styles in the classroom.  Toddlers are no different.  In addition to simply seeing objects in nature, there are so many benefits when they are also able to touch, taste, hear, and smell what they are exploring.  Using your five senses helps, not only with language development (just think about all of the adjectives they are learning as you and your child describe the objects they are examining!), but also with cognition and avoiding misconceptions later in life.  Think about ways that you can explore with your child during the any of the four seasons.  If you need some inspiration, I have 45 ways that your toddler can awaken their senses outdoors!

Gina Connecting Family and SeoulABOUT GINA:  I am a former fourth grade teacher, turned stay-at-home mom to a 2 year old little man named Grady, who is always on the move with a perpetually hungry belly! I am a lover of reading, baking cookies or cakes, and traveling anywhere from overseas to the community in my own backyard!  As a family, we are passionate about protecting the environment, spending time with family, and raising little global citizens that are also life-long learners!


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