5 Good Reasons My Children Aren’t Wearing Shoes

Alice Jones Webb

My children don’t like to wear shoes. They run everywhere barefoot. Spring, Summer, Fall… it doesn’t matter. I’ve even caught them rushing outside into the snow with bare feet.

I assure you they have shoes (Trust. me. I spend a fortune on shoes). They just never want to wear them. Shoes are the devil. After all, our ancient ancestors didn’t wear thick-soled shoes that contort feet and keep them insulated from any contact with the Earth.

I don’t mind. I kinda hate shoes, too. In the summer you are more likely to find me barefoot than wearing shoes. But the little old ladies that see my children running everywhere without the protection of solid footwear are concerned. Don’t they need ankle support? What if they step on a sharp rock or a piece of glass? (If they saw the thick gnarly calluses on the soles of my children’s feet, they wouldn’t be so concerned. Seriously, nothing is getting through those things.)

I hear your concern, little old ladies. I want to assuage your fears. There are real and solid benefits to my children’s aversion to shoes. I hope you are reading so you can stop your head-shaking and your tsk-tsking.




5 Good Reasons My Children Aren't Wearing Shoes


Alice Jones Webb is a homeschooling mom of 4, a writer, dreamer, bookworm, black belt, animal lover, history buff, big-time nerd, free-thinker, obsessive recycler, closet goth, a bit of a rebel, but definitely not your typical soccer mom.