7 Morning Routines That Make Your Life Easier

Patricia Dimick

Trying to get everyone in the family ready for the day can be an overwhelming experience at the best of times. There are no shortcuts to getting everybody up, dressed, fed and out of the house on time. However, establishing morning routines is one way to make the whole process easier.

Rise and Shine!

Start your day on a positive note by getting up on time. Knowing how much time you need to get ready and drive to work, daycare or school helps you with rousing everyone else. Kids don’t keep track of time the same way as adults, so you may need to set their alarm clocks separately from yours. If your kids like to hit the snooze button, set the first alarm earlier than necessary. Wake up at least 30 minutes before the kids so you can shower and get dressed without interruptions.

What Should I Wear?

Start and maintain a habit of laying out your child’s and your own clothes the night before. Include all jewelry, hosiery and shoes needed for your outfit. Little kids may need help with buttons and zippers, but try to teach them to do these things independently as soon as their fingers can manage it. This will speed up the process of getting dressed. Once everyone is dressed, it’s time for breakfast.

Peaceful Breakfast

Getting breakfast ready the night before also helps to speed things up in the mornings. Decide on the menu and have the kids help with getting out the bowls and utensils before going to bed. Some nutritious meals that are easy and fast to make include oatmeal with stir-ins, fresh fruit, yogurt and granola. If you like to bake breakfast pastries, do it at night and serve them in the morning. You can also get everything ready for brewing coffee or tea the night before. Some brewers even have a timer so that your coffee is waiting for you when you wake up.

No Last-Minute Homework

Avoid last-minute morning homework by checking their folders and notebooks right after the kids get home from school. This helps to avoid last minute panics about undone assignments. Have the kids pack their backpacks the night before and use this as a chance to check that they have finished their homework. Keep the school calendar in a visible place so you can check for unusual events like field trips that require a bagged lunch.

Lunch box

Do school lunch prep the night before and put them in the front section of the refrigerator so they can be grabbed before you go. Choose easy to eat snacks that won’t get stale overnight, such as wraps, sliced fresh fruit, and sandwiches. Add a fun dessert like a pudding cup or yogurt-covered raisins. Choose a lunch container with dividers so foods don’t spill into each other. There are many fun BPA-free lunch boxes that are compact and easy to carry.


Create a daily morning checklist and locate it in a visible place, such as next to where everyone keeps their shoes and keys. You know best what everyone needs to do and bring along with them each day, so make a custom action plan that works for your family. This list will give you control and help you to avoid forgetting anything. If you don’t like paper lists, use your smartphone and find a good organizational app that everyone can use.

Aaaand… Time!

Getting up and ready in the morning doesn’t have to take a lot of time if you’re fully prepared. Make synchronous mornings rewarding for everyone by setting a prize for everyone who meets their goals every day of the week. By doing as much as possible the night before, your mornings can be free of chaos and confusion. Follow these routines until your family unit is running like a well-oiled machine. After just a few weeks of putting these ideas into practice, you’ll be getting everyone out of the house on time, and starting each of your weekdays on a high note.


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7 Morning Routines That Make Your Life Easier

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