3 Bad Habits Preventing Great Mornings with Kids by Abundant Mama

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3 bad habits preventing great mornings with kids by The Abundant Mama

You want a morning filled with ease and laughter.

You want to be able to linger long over that cup of coffee or tea. The morning paper. The weather forecast.

You want to see the kids off to where they need to go with a smile, knowing they are going to have the best possible day.

You want to feel both happy and content, productive and present and joyful and peaceful.

And yet what you wake up to most mornings is rushing, a sink full of dishes and perhaps some harsh words exchanged and possibly (maybe?) a door slam or two.

I know, I’ve been there.

And each time we’ve had one of those mornings, there’s three very predictable bad habits that we’ve sunk into that helped create the chaos called Crazy Mornings.


Shawn Fink headshot ABOUT SHAWN: Shawn Fink has been called the Yoda of Mamas. Through e-courses and books, she inspires and teaches women to care for themselves so they can care for their families. She is the author of The Playful Family and founder of The Abundant Mama Project, an e-course for busy mamas who want to be more peaceful, playful and present. Sign up for her weekly peace notes to get more ideas for creating your own inner peace this season.

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