10 Cringeworthy Secrets Our Kids Tell Other People by The Suburban Jungle

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10 secrets our kids share with other people by Jenny from the Blog

I was just writing a piece on things our parents do that embarrass us even though we’re grown up, when it dawned on me that my kids do things that embarrass me even more. My children have blurted out some very personal secrets to teachers, doctors, the person who gives you shoes at the bowling alley, and I’m sure unbeknownst to me — to other people’s parents as well.

The first time I recall being outed by one of my children was when my son was about 3. While in the checkout line at the grocery store, he looked at cashier and nonchalantly said, “My mommy walks around naked.” As if it made perfect sense in the context of buying juice boxes.

I’ve also been privy to other people’s juicy secrets, unsolicited mind you. (It’s not like I drill little children that innocently come over to play or hook them to lie detectors while we enjoy cookies and then I ask if their mom has had any work done.)

Here are some of the reasons we should never share anything private with our children (KIDS TELL ALL!) — and the reason we shouldn’t let them leave the house …

clickToContinueJenny from the blog of suburban jungleABOUT JENNY ISENMAN:  AKA “Jenny From the Blog” is a pop culture obsessed, card carrying Gen Xer, and the humorist behind the award winning site, TheSuburban Jungle.com. Jenny hosts on air segments and writes regularly at Huff Post, Yahoo, and The Stir.

Jenny has a tween son, Jake (who will one day leave her for another woman) and a 9 year-old daughter, Ryan, whose quick-wit, extensive vocabulary, and shockingly logical thinking will probably lead her to world domination. (She’s following them to camp this summer in a series called “Hello Muddah” – because she’s off her rocker.)

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