Why Your Husband Isn’t Doing You a Favor

Rachel Norman

The other day, I went out for a bit by myself.  I asked my husband to watch them for a while.  Here’s how that conversation went.

Me: I’m feeling the need for some alone time. Do you think it’s okay, if you are up to it, if I go out for an hour or two and have a break?

Husband: Sure, sounds good.

Me: Oh, thank you thank you thank you, I won’t tarry. Again, am so so thankful.

Husband: That’s fine, just let me know if I need to fix their meal or if you’ll be home in time.

{An hour or two elapses at my destination where I don’t fully relax because I feel low levels of guilt. I then begin to feel sorry for my husband because, boy, 3 kids 3 years and under sure is a handful. I go on home and dive right back in not refreshed as I’d hoped.}

Me: Thanks sooooo much for watching the kids. I really appreciate it. I mean, honestly, it was so nice to get away.

Husband: Not a problem, any time.

That is a normal conversation at my house.  It seems perfectly fine on the surface, but really, it’s not.

You see, my husband is NOT doing me a favor my watching my kids.

Here’s why…




Why Your Husband Isn't Doing You Any Favors ---- He SHOULD be watching the kids, right?


Rachel is a non-profit marketer turned stay-at-home-mom. She's had three kids in three years on three continents, and currently has a bun in the oven! Seeing her "job" as a privilege, adventure, and delight she writes on parenting and motherhood, offering practical tips and encouragement.