Would you really die for him?

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Would You Really Die for Him? by Greg Santomero“I would die for him!” I clearly heard my thirteen year old daughter say.

“I’m sorry…what?” I heard myself say in return.

“But I would do anything for him”,  she declared as she stroked his face. This from a girl who was raised in a manner that my folks would most likely call a feminist upbringing.

Can you tell that it was honestly very hard for me, her Dad, to bear witness to it all? I had to at least jump in to..to..to do something!

And then, she leaned in for this kiss…

“Who is this little $H!T and how in God’s name did it come to this?!”, I found myself gently asking.
Once On This Island
The hard part is that I only had myself and my wife to blame.


I swear that I saw my oldest emerge from the womb singing and dancing when she was born thirteen years ago. The constant performer, she yearned for an audience. Like most gregarious girls, she loved memorizing lyrics that came across her ears but she’d give them her own, personal spin and after the final polish, it was SHOWTIME and she was in her element…her happy place.

I like to believe that Angela and I fed our young thespian what she craved. Placed her in creative environments because that’s where she was most happy. Who knew this would cause others (i.e. me, for starters) such discomfort?


Fast forward almost a decade and a half. I was watching her on stage as Ti Moune, from “Once On This Island“, telling and showing us all how HIS life is more valuable than HERS.

I’m gonna be ill!!

I practically saw the love, that was given to me for thirteen years, handed over to this sweet and tender hooligan! I know ours was not a romantic love, but the replacement was just so blatant. So sudden. So…

I know. I know. Just a play. Mere theater. But if art imitates life, I’m in for a bumpy ride.


Have you had an opportunity to flash forward into the future of your child? Did it cause you to change some of your behavior?  I’d love to hear all about it.




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DaddyO_GregAbout DADDY-O: Greg Santomero (aka DaddyO), is a Dad of two creative and spirited girls. He is married to children’s media creator, Angela Santomero (Blue’s Clues, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Super Why!, etc.).

An award winning, innovative designer/creative director, Greg is responsible for the visual look of NBC’s Olympic Games, The Super Bowl, The French Open and Wimbledon. Greg’s work has garnered him several Emmy, Broadcast Design and Promax Awards.

GAHGreg began Santo Studios Design, a boutique design studio specializing in all forms of visual communication and branding utilizing live action, 2D and 3D for film, television, web and print.

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