Welcome to Issue 12

BonBon Break

Hello and welcome to the 12th issue of Bonbon Break. Each week Val and I get so excited to bring you a new crop of posts and sites to explore and discover. We are always so blown away by the women we get to meet while we put an issue together.


The words, recipes and crafts we get to see created by women, who just like us are looking and finding a piece of themselves that is theirs alone.


Ironically as I write these words my seven year old is pounding on the door begging for my attention.I hear my husband tell him that mommy needs a little time for herself to work. I now have come full circle since I have vivid memories of being seven and not understanding why my own mother would want as much as one minute away from me and my sisters. Now, I’m the mom who has found that I am a better everything now that I have found something that is truly mine.


This month our theme is Celebrating the Woman and this issue really does that. From recipes that are healthy yet delicious to one that is just downright decadent. To stories that explore the age old conflict of working vs. staying home and the need for us to sometimes break down and hire somebody to help us with the housework so we can be a little more present for our families.


As always we are thrilled that along with the wonderful posts and site we are offering this week we also have two original stories written just for our Bonbon Break readers.


Prepare to laugh and admire Chris of Life Your Way as she discusses her experience of living with an autoimmune disease with grace and humor. As well as gives us information to keep in the back of our own minds if we ever find ourselves dealing with an illness that is difficult to diagnosis.


And, have you ever found yourself hiding from the camera as someone clicks a picture of your kids or family? Read how Ewa of Mom Photographer was inspired to start her 365 Self Portrait Project after discovering her own mother’s absence in all the photos of her family growing up. You will be blown away by what she has captured!


We hope you enjoy this week’s issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together.


Warmest wishes for a wonderful week,


Kathy Radigan

Co-Editor/Owner of Bonbon Break