Front Porch September 24 2012

BonBon Break

Hello and welcome to the 10th issue of Bonbon Break!

It seems impossible to me that Summer 2012 is but a memory and fall is now officially here. I keep having the feeling that my family has already made it’s seasonal pilgrimage to buy the kids their pumpkins and visit the same Haunted House that we do each year.

The problem is that everything I’m remembering, all the little details that I would swear just happened last week, really happened last year!  Almost 365 days ago. Long before Bonbon Break was even whispered as an idea, let alone a weekly magazine that now has 10 issues under it’s belt.

The same little baby that was bundled up and happily paraded at the fall festival is now an almost 14 year old boy that was very bored yesterday as we picked apples and celebrated my nephew’s 4th birthday.

Another fall is here and Val and I are thrilled to get to share this one with our great readers. We have an issue that celebrates autumn in all its colorful glory. From rib sticking comfort food with a healthy twist in the kitchen to great ideas to do outside with our families in the backyard.

We tackle motherhood in all its messy, sleep deprived splendor with posts dealing with pinworms and tween attitude to actually swapping sleep in favor of laundry, dirty dishes and time spent on Pinterest.

Val and I are also thrilled to bring you two original posts from bloggers that you may know from past editions and that we just adore.

Linda, from It All Started With Paint shows us how to turn simple mason jars that you can find in any dollar store into amazing Halloween decorations. While Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me gives us a cute craft that would be perfect to make with a classroom of children in our roles of “Class Mom” or Troop Leader, to just a great way to spend a fall afternoon crafting with our own kids. We thank these two very talented woman for coming up with ideas just for our Bonbon Break readers.

As always we are in awe of all the talented women who let us share their great work with you each week.

To all our contributors, thank you. You help Bonbon Break truly be a place for busy moms and women to take a breath and have a little “me time” in a day where so much of it is spent on caring for others.

And to our readers, please know that Val and I take our job of bringing you great content each week very seriously. We are always mindful that the minutes you have to yourself are precious and not to be squandered. We are so grateful that you spend some of that time with us each week. Enjoy and Happy Fall!

Kathy Radigan
Co-Editor/Owner of Bonbon Break Media L.L.C