Moms Guide to Wearing Baby On a Hike by Colorado Mountain Mom

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Moms Guide to Wearing Baby on a Hike by Colorado Mountain MomHiking with your baby or toddler along with you in a carrier is an ideal activity, for many reasons. Little ones generally love being outside, are content when in motion riding in a carrier, plus it allows mom to have fun and get some exercise in the process! Here’s my advice on child carrier use, and my Top 4 Tips for a mom hiking alone with your little one.

CO_MtnMomABOUT TAMI: Tami and her family live in Western Colorado, where they are raising their kids to appreciate the great outdoors.  For her, it strikes a perfect balance to combine being an IT professional 4 days a week, with being a stay at home mom the other 3.  She writes about anything she finds amusing, helpful, or fun on her blog Colorado Mountain Mom, with the primary themes centering on what she loves most:  Travel, the Outdoors, and Disney.

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