Rejuvenating and Reenergizing with the Family Outdoors by Tales of a Mountain Mama

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Rejuvenating and Reenergizing with the Family Outdoors by Tales of a Mountain MamaOften, I get people asking me, “How do you do it? How do you manage all these hikes and trips and time outside with young kids?” I am always a bit baffled by the question, because the honest answer is that I do it for my own sanity. I need it more than almost anything else in this world, and they do too.


I find great peace and contentment in the woods and on a mountain. And so does the rest of the family. I always laugh at what seems to be an audible sigh of relief and giddy laughter from one or more of us about twenty minutes into a hike or ski or bike ride. It is the sound of the “pressure” of our daily lives (as simple as they may be) being lifted and a burden being eased. Even with our kiddos being so young, it is where we connect best as a family. It is where our best conversations take place, our tangled thoughts become clear, and great ideas are born.


I am nearly certain that everyone feels the same peace in the outdoors, in their own way and in their own time. I know that not everyone is “outdoorsy”, but that has nothing to do with one’s ability to connect with nature. What may rejuvenate one person may be completely draining to another (and vice versa.) But, the fact is outside time is outside time. Taking a stroll down a paved path has the same outdoor benefits (at least in one sense) as does summiting a peak.

  Amelia and her husband live at the gateway to Yellowstone National Park with their two young (and super active) sons. They love hiking, biking, skiing, laughing and exploring. She writes over at Tales of a Mountain Mama about their own lessons learned, tips and tricks from the trail, and about life as an outdoor family with young children. They also aim to share the best and most ingenious gear out there for families and have tons of giveaways also!

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