10 Fall Family Dates

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Happy family outdoor in fall or autumn

Happy family outdoor in fall or autumn

I really believe Fall is magical.

If Peter Pan swooped in on us in the middle of the night and told me to think of a happy little thought–I’d totally think Fall. Pumpkins, apples, firewood, boots, pie, soup, scarves, leaves and the fall collection from O.P.I.

I’m telling you, I’d fly.

Yes, we just watched Peter Pan. But truly, fall just gives me happy little thoughts. That sounds kind of creepy, huh? I can’t tell. My mind is so blurred by Disney and sleep-deprivation that I no longer know how to think like a normal human being. So you’ll just have to forgive me.

I think part of the magic in the season is the dual sense of anticipation and nostalgia. It’s a memory-making season. A tradition-keeping season. And if you have kids, it’s the absolute perfect time to create new traditions and memories.

Between the months of October and November we have the time to really grow closer as family. I’ve come up with another date list but this is for the whole family. Family date days. Fall is the perfect time to do them!

10 Fall Family Dates by Because My Life is Fascinating

1.) Pumpkin Patch. Obvs, right? You don’t want to miss this. Don’t just settle for a pumpkin from your grocery store, or worse, your craft store. Get out there in the field and pick a pumpkin.

2.) Horseback Riding. Little pony rides are usually available at pumpkin patches. But if you can arrange it, a real horseback ride would be awesome for your family to experience together. This is something I’m trying to arrange for my family to do, because my little guy is OBSESSED with horses.

10 Fall Family Dates by Because My Life is Fascinating

3.) Apple Picking. I grew up in a town with lots of apple orchards. Trust me, it’s fun to pick apples. It smells divine, the apples are delicious, and there’s just a good, old-fashioned feeling that comes with apple-picking.

10 Fall Family Dates by Because My Life is Fascinating

4.) Bake a Pie. With the apples, with the pumpkin–whatever! Just make a real pie. And pies are no joke. I’ve never successfully made one. *ahem. So this year I’m making it a family affair.

That way if it sucks, I’ll blame it on them.

5.) Make a Leaf Pile.

10 Fall Family Dates by Because My Life is Fascinating


Seriously, one of my most favorite memories as a mom is the day we got the whole neighborhood to make a leaf-pile. Now that I’m in LA I’m going to have to hunt for those crispy leaves. Perhaps we’ll just have to go neighborhood-hopping until we find the perfect leaves.

That’s not weird at all, right?

6.) Family Photos. This may or may not be fun. But either way, fall is the absolute best time to get family photos. Christmas cards! Yes, you already have to think about that.

{And if you want to have some REAL fun, take Awkward Family Photos-–guaranteed to be a good time}.

7.) Host a Feast. I remember when I was about eight years old, I saw a picture of this gorgeous pot of soup and some dreamy bread alongside it. I declared that I wanted to make that meal. So I did. My mom let me get all the stuff together and I prepared a feast for my family. It was dang good, too.

Have your kids help prepare a yummy fall soup or chili. Bake bread. Decorate the table. Invite folks over to celebrate a home-cooked meal that your kids helped prepare. It gives them a sense of pride to be able to contribute, and you’ll end up making a great memory.

8.) Visit a Haunted House. Now, obviously if you have really little kids this wouldn’t be a good idea. I think mine are definitely too young, but I actually want to go with my hubs this year!

9.) Go Hiking! No one ever regrets going on a hike. Well, except if you hike through poison ivy. Or sprain an ankle…Or are that guy from 127 Hours.

Ok, just pick a safe trail. Be careful. Have fun!

10.) Make S’mores. So maybe you’ll regret hiking. But s’mores? Heck no. My kids LOVE making s’mores. They love “helping” with the fire (bringing wood) and they love roasting their marshmallows. Most of all, they love stuffing their faces with them. And so do I. It’s a blast–you have to do it!

10 Fall Family Dates by Because My Life is Fascinating

So, how about it? How about we all make Fall an amazing time for our families! Have any other date ideas? I’d love to hear!

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