Twas The Second Week of December by Chris Dean of Life your Way

BonBon Break

Twas The Second Week of December

~:: by Chris Dean of Life your Way ::~

Twas the second week of December and all through the house

The whole family was sleeping, including my spouse.

I sat on the couch and gave a good look around

When feelings of panic began to abound.


The presents weren’t bought, the stockings unhung,

And decorating the tree was only half done.

There were cookies to bake and gifts to deliver

And the ham needed buying for the Holiday dinner.

The cats had pulled down half the lights we had strung

And what sanity I possessed was totally sprung!

Away to the kitchen I flew like The Flash,

Tore open the cabinet and found Mommy’s stash.

A glass of Holiday wine I quickly did pour

As I counted the pine needles strew on the floor.

How had I let things get so far behind?

All this last minute stuff. Was I outta my mind?

All the shopping and buying and baking and more,

I was gonna go broke if I hit one more store!

More rapid than eagles my panic it came

So I flew to the kitchen for more of the same.

The Holiday tunes did ring in my ears

As the wine in my glass mingled with tears.

How does Martha Stewart do all this crap?

And how did I fall into this Holiday trap?


That’s when I saw her in a blue half-made gown,

This creepy little lady came fluttering down.

She laded on the mantle, her wand gave a shake.

Her presence was making my knees begin to quake

Her make-up a mess, her hair all undone

With pink wisps falling all out of her bun.

Her eyes they looked tired, her smile was so weary.

I sat down my glass. Was I seeing this clearly?

She gave a look around and a nod of satisfaction,

Then she saw me watching and jumped just a fraction.

We sized each other up as I gave a hoarse whisper,

“I don’t know who you are, but you’re in MY house now, sister!”

Her voice sounded bored or distracted, NOT merry

As she offered me her card, “I’m the Procrastination Fairy.

“I sprinkle my dust to make sure you’re behind

But it would appear I’m unneeded, we’re two of a kind.”

She gazed with approval at my half done-up tree

The stockings and lights, the wine glass and me.

“It would appear you’re a pro at leaving things to the last day.

How ‘bout a glass of that wine for a tired little Fey?”

I tip-toed to the kitchen, thankful it was dark.

I took the frying pan from the counter and sized up my mark.

This pixie was the reason for my panic attack?

With the skillet I aimed then swung with a SPLAT!


As the ringing subsided and I smiled ear-to-ear,

I vowed to myself I’d start earlier next year.

The moral is simple, so plain and so true,

Procrastination’s not your fault, it‘s a Fairy! Who knew?

From my deepest of hearts,

From my family to you,

Have the Happiest of Holidays

And a great New Year’s too!

ABOUT CHRIS: Chris Dean is the wife of an extremely tolerant man, Mom of four fairly functional adult-kids, world-class music junkie, and all around nut job! She began writing Life Your Way! as a way to help keep her sanity while going through the diagnostic phase for an autoimmune disease.

Chris dealt with this speed-bump the same way she’s always dealt with these things, education and laughter. Her mantra has become, “A life without laughter is a life unlived.” And living is exactly what she makes it her goal to do and hopefully inspire others to do as well!

When she’s not writing, you can find Chris on Twitter and Facebook.