Ten Photos: Not Exactly What I Was Looking For

Andrea Mowery

I love searching for photos online.  Let me rephrase that: I live for searching for photos online.  Okay, that may be a little strong.

What’s not to love?  Really – you can find the whole of humanity within a Google images search.  Pics of animals, celebrities, gorgeous landscapes, homes, even a skin rash to match the one you are currently sporting on your inner thigh.

The best thing that happens while searching for photos online is the happy accident that results when the photo you find doesn’t exactly match up with the category typed into the search box.  Or DOES it?  Check these examples out and see for yourself.


Search term #1:  Mom washing dishes

not exactly 10.20.14 (1)

photo courtesy of flickr

 Technically, this one is accurate.  They are doing dishes.  In their minds.  What, you can’t see it?


Search term #2:  Children going to school

not exactly 10.20.14 (2)

photo courtesy of flickr

Pretty sure that if this what my kids saw in school, we’d be homeschooling.


Search term #3: Good-looking man

not exactly 10.20.14 (3)

photo courtesy of Nick Kenrick. via photopin cc

I don’t even know what to say about this.

Is the photographer a good looking man?  Is he hiding?  Is this some sort of Where’s Waldo scenario?


Search term #4: Good-looking woman

not exactly 10.20.14 (4)

photo courtesy of flickr

This is one of those “eye of the beholder” things, I think.


Search term #5: Middle-Age Woman


Photo courtesy of Deposit Photos

“Let’s see… do I go for white wine hangover, or red wine hangover?”


Search term #6: People opening gifts

not exactly 10.20.14 (6)

photo courtesy of flickr

As an art form, graffiti can be quite beautiful.  Hard to give as a gift, though.  WAKE UP, THOMAS!


Search term #7: Dancing in the rain

Huh.  No rain in this pic, but isn’t that funny – this is exactly how I look when I dance.

With my shirt off and everything WHAT?!


Search term #8: I like candy

not exactly 10.20.14 (8)

photo credit: Andy Morffew via photopin cc

I don’t like candy as much as this guy likes fish.

Oh, who am I kidding?  I totally do.


Search term #9: People having fun at a party

group of young people standing and having fun in kitchen, preparing food

Photo from Deposit Photos

Remind me never to accept a party invitation from these nerds.

Ha ha ha, totally joking.

My friends and I have been known to throw raging vegetable parties just like this one.


Search term #10: Exercise classes

not exactly 10.20.14 (10)

photo courtesy of ארכיון קיבוץ יגור [CC-BY-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

Man, am I glad I quit the gym.

 What other search terms should I peruse?



10 Photos that aren't exactly what I was looking for...

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