Sprinkle Rainbow Joy Around Your Living Room by What We Do All Day

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Sprinkle Rainbow Joy Around Your Living Room

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Sprinkle Rainbow Joy Around Your Living Room by What We Do All Day

No one was ever un-cheered by a rainbow. So it follows that a whole roomful of rainbows will bring dozens of smiles. Fill up your room and life with rainbow happiness with an easy-to-make, inexpensive mobile made from prisms, colorful beads and ribbons suspended from a branch.

The mobile was an easy and fun crafty project for my son and I to do together. We hung the mobile in a sunny window and now every afternoon “rainbow time” turns our living room into a dizzying kaleidoscope of tiny rainbows dancing on the walls, floors and ceiling. It brings a sprinkling of happiness to our lives!

My four year old gets so enthusiastic that I even made my first you tube video to capture his joy at seeing the rainbows!

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