Scratch Off Valentine’s Day Card

BonBon Break

Valentine’s Day is coming up!  Which before my little guy was in school just meant Nathan and I looking at each other on February 14th and saying, “Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day.” and looking at the chocolate on clearance at Target on February 15th.

But now it means Valentine’s Day cards for Gavin’s classmates. (If you haven’t thought about that yet, don’t feel bad . . . I only thought about it once I got an email from the lovely ladies at Bonbon Break asking me to write this post.)  And certainly I could do something clever that involves candy, there are about three million insanely cute ideas on Pinterest, but then I thought it would be really fun to do Scratch Off Valentine’s Day Cards!

Do your kids love scratch offs??  Every time we get a piece of junk mail with a scratch off on it, Gavin goes nuts and begs us to do it.  So I thought this would be fun for him.   And they are easy to make! Start out with this free printable set of Valentines, either the ones with the free hug or the blank ones that you can add your own winning prize too.

Then combine two parts metallic acrylic paint for every one part dish soap.  (This recipe is all over the internet, but I especially like this one.)  Gently mix the ingredients so that you don’t get too many bubbles.  Then brush thin coats onto the contact paper.  I did four layers in total, and waited 15 minutes between each layer.  Let it dry overnight, and then fold it in half (old school) to cut out a heart.

The just peel the back off the contact paper and stick it over the winning prize!


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This piece was written by Lisa Longley of Wine & Glue exclusively for Bonbon Break Media, LLC.