Upcycle: Egg Carton Train

Kristina Hoy

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”  – Seneca


I sometimes clean with a garbage bag. I carry it around from room to room, emptying drawers, cupboards and shelves. Freeing up a space where before was just clutter. Emptying the house of the old and beginning the day anew.

But not everything is thrown out. There are some things, which although sit empty and used, are kept aside for later – to be created with and given a new beginning.

Egg cartons are one of these special items. Their sturdy shape makes them perfect for simple construction projects. So today, we decided to give several egg cartons a new beginning by making them into a colourful toy train.

 How to make an egg carton train

You need:

  • 3 large egg cartons
  • 1 long cardboard roll
  • 1 plastic straw
  • 1 small paper plate
  • 1 bottle cap (to fit the end of the paper roll)
  • scissors, craft glue, sticky tape and a stapler
  • red, black and white paint (optional)

You do:

  1. Cut half the egg cups from one of the egg cartons and sit upside down (so that the remaining egg cups face upwards). This will form the front engine.
  2. Cut the whole egg cup tray off the two remaining egg cartons and set aside. The lids will form the other two train carriages.
  3. Cut 18 egg cups out from the pieces set aside. These will form the wheels.
  4. Cut a length of cardboard roll that is equal to the length of the remaining egg cups on the engine. Then cut another piece of roll half the length of this.
  5. Cut 2 short lengths of straw and attach to the inside of the smaller cardboard roll using tape.
  6. Using sharp scissors, make a small slit on either side of the longer cardboard roll so that the straws can be inserted.
  7. Attach the bottle cap to the end of the large roll and then glue this onto the top of the front engine egg carton cups.
  8. Cut a small segment from the paper plate and glue onto the front of the engine.
  9. Glue 3 wheels onto each side of the engine and carriages.
  10. Attach each carriage to the one in front of it using a stapler.

Note: If you choose to paint your train, it is easier to do this before constructing it.

This toy train is a great project to do with the kids as they can do most of it themselves. With or without paint, it provides hours of entertainment – attach a long ribbon to the front and their favourite toys can go for a luxurious ride!


DIY Upscale Egg Carton Train


Born and bred in Australia (with several years also spent living in the mid-west of the US), she now lives on the beautiful island of O’ahu, Hawaii. She is the mother of two beautiful, young children. Kristina is passionate about cooking and teaching her children the importance of healthy eating; from trying to grow things in the garden, to creating simple meals and treats.