Sara Solves It

Angela Santomero

Who doesn’t love a good mystery?

Who doesn’t love harmonious music?

Who doesn’t love math?

When you add up these creative ingredients you have Sara Solves It!  

We created Sara Solves It  out of parents requests for help them with math homework.  How would we do that?  My team at Out Of The Blue teamed up with genius Carol Greenwald (Curious George, Arthur) to create our latest show for Amazon Studios.  

Sara Solves It follows the story of the loving brother and sister mystery solving duo, Sara and Sam, to help children acquire math and creative problem-solving skills through a good mystery. We know that kids, who are invested in a good story, will problem solve and learn by doing.  And that is the best way to master any concept.

Sara Solves It IISara Solves It is among six children’s pilots competing for additional funding from Amazon Studios. Available for one month, Sara Solves It will be able to be viewed on Amazon Instant Video where visitors will be able to preview and comment.

Audience feedback will play an important role in determining which projects move forward in the development process so PLEASE let us know what you think over at Amazon Studios!

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This original post was written for Bonbon Break Media, LLC by Angela Santomero of Angela’s Clues

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