Quick Winter Morning Bulletproof Coffee

BonBon Break

I have heard about this for years, Bulletproof Coffee. You make your perfect cup of coffee and then you drop butter and oil in it… WHAT?! Seriously, on a tired morning with my head in a complete fog, I did just that and needless to say, I got it completely wrong.

Then it came up again and the coffee fanatic in the house said, “Let’s give it a go!” Low and behold we played with the idea and BLENDING it is key. As in, don’t just drop it in your cuppa joe and expect a miracle.

This recipe for Winter Morning Bulletproof Coffee will make two standard cups of coffee – or for my lovely partner, half a “cup”.


No worries if you don’t have a French Press! You can simply use 10 oz of fresh brewed coffee from a drip maker or coffee pod and pour that right into your blender! (The blender is important for Bulletproof Coffee as it will help whip everything together, fully incorporating the flavors and frothing everything up. 

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  • 10oz really hot water (straight from your electric tea kettle is best!)
  • ¼ cup whole coffee beans (or about 3.5 tablespoons ground coffee)
  • ¾ cup cream or coffee creamer of your choice (for a vegan option, I find the Silk Almond Creamer Vanilla is a perfect fit)
  • 1.5 tablespoons unsalted organic butter or vegan butter (I like Earth Balance’s European Style 
  • 1 tablespoon unrefined coconut oil

If you need a French Press, this is a newer model of the one used here. 

Directions for Bulletproof Coffee:

  • Grind the coffee beans until fine.
Coffee Grounds of Bulletproof Coffee
  • Pour into the bottom of the French Press.
Pouring hot water over the coffee grounds for Bulletproof Coffee
  • Carefully pour the really hot water over the ground coffee.
  • Set the plunger into place and then let the water and coffee sit together for about 3 minutes. 
Coffee steeping in a French press for Bulletproof Coffee
  • While that is steeping, add the butter, coconut oil and cream or coffee creamer to your blender.
  • Then slowly press down on your French Press plunger until it is all the way at the bottom.
  • Transfer the coffee into the blender, add the lid and then blend on high for 15 to 30 seconds 
Blending butter and coconut oil for Bulletproof Coffee

Pour the rich creamy coffee into your favorite mugs and enjoy!

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