The Trick to Perfect Looking Outlets

Karah Bunde

Karah has been busy! She has been tearing out walls and building them back, resurrecting old wood slat walls, and adding wood and rope accent walls.

All the while they were running new electric and updating old electric and using old outlet holes that have previously been cut and cutting new holes in new drywall.

With all of this comes putting in outlets…the right way. Our friends from The Space Between have come up with an easy way to have clean looking outlets and so much more. Check it out here…

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We want to tell you more. It seems so basic, right? However, you know how tricky it can be getting these DIY projects straight and tidy.

My latest endeavor was a simple desk. I thought I would save a TON of money re-creating a desk I saw at IKEA and I couldn’t have been more wrong. During my first attempt, I spent $180 on materials. The IKEA desk was $110. After re-evaluating the project, I returned some of the supplies back to the hardware store and did a little shopping on Amazon. Low and behold, I ended up making the desk for $80 and 2 days worth of work. I do love it, but I wish I had one of Karah’s brilliant tutorials instead of trying it from scratch.

(Affiliate link ahead, but you can get a REALLY awesome book.)

DIY Wood Pallet Projects by Karah BundeIf you want a little inspiration, check out her book “DIY Wood Pallet Projects: 35 Rustic Modern Upcycling Ideas to Personalize Your Space.” She is SO creative and her easy “how-to’s” will save you the grief I experienced with my desk project. I would also recommend perusing her site to see her homes in Aruba, Key West, and Curacao. Check out the house tours and you will fall in love!

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One quick trick and you will have PERFECT outlets!


Karah Bunde is the founder and write for the DIY decor and craft blog the space between. She is a small town girl from the North East who finds herself renting a house on a Caribbean island after owning and renovating 3 1/2 homes in different US cities over the course of 8 years. She is in the process of trying anything (pallet word art, hutch turned tv stand, driftwood Christmas trees) to make the most of the space she now finds herself in. We all know that space, the space between what has been and what will be.