“No Makeup” Makeup Tutorial

BonBon Break

Welcome to our get ready quick series! I hope you’ve enjoyed it as we’ve taken you through developing a quick morning routine.  We started with 5 minute cardio burner workout because exercise is important. Even if you’re busy, it’s good to get in a little cardio! After you’ve got your heart rate up, it’s a good time for a morning yoga routine for beginners.

Now you’ve got your nice little workout routine in, it’s time to get ready in a giffy! Last week we shared some super stylish and super easy hairstyle options. Obviously we gotta slap on some makeup, so today we’ve got a “no makeup” makeup tutorial. It’s a great way to look nice and put together without spending a ton of time or wearing a ton of makeup. That’s a winner for me!

It’s a super simple YouTube tutorial this morning, I hope you like it! Next week come back, we’ll be sharing some super cute outfit ideas!

So tell me, are you using these tutorials to develop a quick & efficient morning routine? I hope so!

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no makeup makeup tutorial

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