5 Minute Cardio for your Morning Routine

Natalia Simmons

I don’t know about you guys but I’m busy. I have two kids to get to school in the mornings, a business to run, a house to manage, a husband who needs a tad bit of attention (and FOOD) from time to time and it all adds up!! I am always looking for ways to be the most efficient in my life and get everything done. Ya feel me?

One of the main things that gets lost on my every day getting ready routine is fitness. And as a former college athlete, that’s pretty sad. I just have so many things piling up everywhere around me, I forget to take time for my fitness! And because my husband actually is a professional athlete, that’s just not accepted in this house!

I figured I just couldn’t be the only woman out there with these ‘get ready’ issues! It just can’t be! So for all you ladies who are totally feelin’ me right now, read on. I’m going to be doing a series showcases different ways to get your morning routine compact, efficient and help make you feel great and ready to conquer your day!

Today we’ve got 5-minute cardio. Basically 5-minute cardio. For some reason, I am under the impression that if I didn’t run for 45 minutes it was a waste. But that’s so not true!! Anytime we can squeeze into our busy lives is GOOD. So let’s start by adding this 5-minute cardio routine either morning or evening to start to get some energy up!

Make sure you check back next week as we move on to create the most efficient morning routine!

Tell me – do you exercise daily? If yes, how much time do you spend and what do you do? If not, let’s start with this 5- minute routine!!

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Natalia is a mom to two crazy boys and wife to one handsome dude. She lives in France part of the year where her husband plays professional basketball, but she hails from Southern California. The hubs was born & raised in Nassau, Bahamas, which makes them an intercultural, interracial family traveling the globe together since 2007. She loves to cook (but mostly eat), hang with her fam, be adventurous, & find ways to stay girlie in a house full of men. On her site you can find loads of hair tutorials, makeup ideas, & fashion tips for the everyday woman. She believes that beauty and fashion don't have to be intimidating and that every woman should learn to embrace her own beauty.