Bubbling With Good and Bad Shampoo News by Accidentally Green

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Bubbling With Good and Bad Shampoo News

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Good and Bad Shampoo News

Six years ago my life accidentally turned green all because of shampoo. I discovered dangerous chemicals were included in typical brands of shampoo. Shampoo that I used every single day. I rushed to the store, began reading shampoo labels, and didn’t know what most of the ingredients were. Were they all toxic? Or only some of them? I felt so helpless.

Eventually I found the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Safety Database and loved how I could research the safety of thousands of personal care products. Six years ago, there weren’t so many affordable and safe shampoos.

Fortunately things have changed.

Hilary Kimes Bernstein - squareABOUT HILARY: Hilary writes about making healthy decisions that honor God and happen to help the environment at Accidentally Green. A former newspaper editor, Hilary recently released her first eBook, First Bites: How To Instill Healthy Eating Habits During Your Baby’s First Year. When she’s not writing, Hilary loves spending time with her husband and two young children. Together, they enjoy cooking, baking, entertaining, and going on adventures together.

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