Holiday Hairstyle: The Rolled Bun

Vanessa Rodriguez

You might recognize her from her 20 Ways to Wear Boots post, today Vanessa from Stylish Me is back to share a beautiful holiday hairstyle! It’s easy and elegant, perfect for your next party! Take it away, Vanessa!

Holiday Hairstyles

Today, I’m going to share with you a super simple bun that you can recreate for a stylish holiday hairstyle.

The holiday season has started and in addition to family dinners, gift giving and coming home for the holidays we must begin thinking about our hairstyles.

There’s never a better time to add some glam and embellishments to your hairstyle. Bring it up a notch this Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years by consider adding a headband, hair pins or clips in gold and silver to your buns, ponytails or up-dos.

The Low Rolled Bun

Holiday Hairstyle Tutorial - The Low Rolled Bun

You’ll need:

  • hair tie
  • bobby pins
  • pretty hair clip
  • hairspray

Step 1: Start with dry hair. It can be wavy or straight. If you have some product to texturize it makes it easier to control. Don’t start with clean freshly blow dried hair as it can be a little harder to put up. Bring all your hair back and tie it in a low ponytail.

Step 2: Right above the hair tie split your ponytail in half.

Step 3: Pull your ponytail through the split you created in step 2. You’re pulling the ponytail inward towards your head.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 until you have most of your hair rolled in and only a few strands you need to bobby pin down.

Step 5: To hold the rolled bun in place, secure it with bobby pins. Use as many pins as needed to make sure you don’t have any loose strands of hair.

Step 6: Add your pretty hair clip right above the low bun.

Step 7: Check and clean up any remaining loose hairs with a few more bobby pins, use hairspray to hold in place and you’re done!

Things to keep in mind:

  • You can use any type of pretty hair clip that matches your outfit. I went with a bronzy gold feather pin because of my mustard yellow shirt and gold earrings.
  • Before you create your ponytail, fix the front of your hair however you like it. I did a side part and smoothed my bangs to one side. I prefer this look but you can also wear your hair completely back or with a center part.
  • Don’t select a hair pin that’s too big as it can give you a headache. When purchasing hair pins or clips make sure that it’s light and doesn’t weigh a lot. You’ll be more likely to use hair pins if you remember this point.
  • Make sure you wear a pair of earrings that match the hair clip. Don’t wear a silver clip with gold earrings and vis versa.

Share your holiday hairstyles with me by tagging your pictures #Stylishlyme on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook so I can find them and like them! I would love to see what gorgeous styles you’re creating!

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A Simple & Stylish Holiday Hairstyle

Stylish Holiday Hairstyle Tutorial

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