What is That? Holey Acorns & Nut Weevil Larvae

Dawn Smith

When we return from a nature walk the inevitable unloading of the pockets begins. Standing in the mudroom the bits and bobs begin to tumble out of overstuffed pockets; treasures they could not live without. Depending on where our adventure has taken us that day there can be a wide variety of things including pretty rocks, spiral shells, bits of sea glass, insect wings, and lately, a whole lot of acorns. While we try to leave living creatures in the wild, every-so-often our treasures come with hitchhikers. In the Fall, the most common unexpected house guests come home in compact, perfectly beautiful little acorns.




Dawn Smith is a California mama homeschooling her two curious kiddos a hop, skip and a jump away from the Atlantic Ocean in beautiful Nova Scotia. She and her friend, Annie Riechmann (a mama and elementary school teacher), created Mud Puddles to Meteors in an effort to build a community of like-minded nature lovers and to support those with a desire to connect with nature. They are two nature and science enthusiasts doing their very best to raise nature loving kid adventurers who approach the natural world with a spirit of wonder and appreciation, and they want to share the adventure with other parents, teachers and nature lovers. Be on the lookout for their book, "Whatever the Weather," being released by Roost Books in the spring.