The 10 Sec Top-Knot

Emily Meyers

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I met Emily at BlogHer last year. She seemed so young. I thought to myself, ‘how on earth does this gal have a blog?’ Then I found out she was a mom to two kids and one on the way who¬†somehow finds time to put together this amazing blog! Now I can’t wait for you to get to know Emily and her adorable tutorials as well.¬† She’s inspiring, fun, and super sweet. You will love her and want to pin all her stuff to Pinterest! ~ Rebecca

I’m so excited about today’s tutorial! I know I might keep saying that, but this is literally the way I do my hair just about every day. It’s how my hair is while I sleep most of the time (just higher on my head), it’s what I look like most day’s when I’m not going anywhere, and it’s even how I look on a lot of date nights, etc. when I’m in a hurry. I just comb up the sides and give it a little ‘oomph’ and I’m all good to go!



I started my very first blog a couple years back as a private way of simply keeping a record of my life as a new young wife. After I started discovering more and more popular blogs, I realized that my true passion for creativity couldn't be hidden and kept to myself, but that everything I learned had to be shared to improve the lives of those I came in contact with. My blog was always an amazing outlet for me and a way of expressing myself; now that it's a very much public blog, I feel so much more motivated to be myself and share my talents and abilities and to improve my skills and try new things, all the while chronicling my adventures, encouraging, and inspiring others at the same time! I love sharing my life with all of you.