No Bake Strawberry and Vanilla Cheesecake



No bake and gluten free are two big pluses to this delightfully delicious cheesecake, can’t wait to try this and it is gorgeous for spring too! ~Tara

Are you eagerly anticipating the (somewhat shy) arrival of summer as much as I am? What better way could there be to celebrate the approach of those lazy days in the garden, enjoying a glass of chilled wine and a BBQ with friends than with this striking no-bake strawberry and vanilla cheesecake. This was an accidental gluten-free triumph that was born out of indecision. A vanilla cheesecake or a strawberry mousse cheesecake? What the heck! Let’s go with both!!
Light and fresh, yet creamy and satisfying, this dessert is simpler than it looks to make, and can be prepared ahead and stored in the fridge until it’s time to eat.With the exception of the layer of chopped strawberries on top, this recipe takes 30 minutes from start to finish to prepare (you need to let the mousse set in the fridge for an hour or so before layering the strawberries on). A guaranteed crowd pleaser. Make sure you grab yourself a nice big slice, as there’ll be none left when you go back for seconds!





ABOUT NICKY: Four months in to my introduction to the world of food blogging, I find I’m becoming completely and utterly addicted! By day I work in IT as a ‘disaster recovery lead’ (one of those jobs where – unless they work in IT too – people look at you completely blankly when you try to explain what you do). I’m also wife to my fabulous, supportive husband Chris – who is Kitchen Sanctuary’s photographer, dishwasher and put upper of his wife’s annoying habit of jumping off the sofa to make cookies or jam at 11pm…. My 7 year old daughter, Gracey, and 4 year old son, Lewis, are my primary recipe testers. Not afraid of giving it to me straight if my food isn’t up to scratch, cooking with or for them has played a huge part in my ever increasing love of cooking and baking.

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Gluten free, No Bake Strawberry and Vanilla Cheesecake


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