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Mushroom Puffs

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Mushroom Puffs recipe by Home Skillet appetizer

“Puff” is one of those splendid words in the English language, somehow being both vague and precise at the same time.  Puffs of smoke, cheese puffs, puffy shirts.  It is also really fun to say.  Puff.  It sounds so fluffy and billowy, like a gust of wind is going to swoop down and whisk it away. Actually, it would be pretty heartbreaking if a gust of wind took away one of these mushroom puffs, all stuffed with a savory herb and mushroom mixture. Creme fraiche is delicious served along side them as a cool and refreshing dip.

ABOUT SETH AND JENN: When not animating computer generated characters, or playing video games, Seth can be found obsessing over food.  When Jenn is not chasing around our toddler, or reading, she too can be found obsessing over food (and chapstick).  Over the last few years, our joint passion for food has taken on a life of its own and manifested itself as the blog, Home Skillet. We have no culinary training, but we spend most of our free time reading cookbooks and magazines and experimenting in the kitchen.  Seth works as a character animator in the video games industry, while Jenn has a master’s degree in Science and Technology Studies, and is now a stay-at-home mom to a toddler and two cats.

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