I Get My Ass Kicked. Again. by Ice Scream Mama

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I Get My Ass Kicked. Again.

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I Get My Ass Kicked. Again. by Ice Scream Mama excercise woahs

I really should have known better. I mean, how many times do I have to get my ass kicked before it sinks in? Before I realize that I’m not young anymore. That although I work out and would be considered somewhat fit, I’m just not as strong as those girls, five, 10 or, cough cough, choke choke, even more years my junior. They are in it to win it. They are Lululemon, hair-flipping, skinny ass fabulous. I am old maternity wear, lopsided ponytail, thighs passed down from pulling carts in Russia. I just can’t compete and I pay for it every time. Yet, here I am, back in SS Stacy’s Sculpt and Burn class, desperately trying to be someone I’m not… and frankly never was. But a gal can have her dreams, which hopefully I’ll never give up, although possibly in this case, I probably just should.

Ice Cream Mama AlisaaABOUT ALISA:  I am a SAHM of three delicious boys who I eat up day and night, except when they’ve gone a little sour, then they give me a bit of a stomach ache. Anyway, I love writing, I love reading. I love being active – running, biking, having a catch, whatever. My favorite treat is ice cream. Sometimes I have it twice a day. I decided I deserve it. You do too.

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