Things Kids These Days Will Never Understand by Catharsis by Laura

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Things Kids These Days Will Never Understand

~:: Catharsis by Laura ::~

Things Kids These Days Will Never Understand by Catharsis by Laura

The other day, we were in the waiting room at Little E’s neurologist’s office when Big A suddenly turned to me and asked, “Mommy, where the heck are the buttons on this phone?”

It was a rotary phone someone had placed in the toy section for kids to play with.

I had to explain to Big A how we used to dial those suckers back in the day and how we really hated it when someone had a zero in his phone number.  I tried to demonstrate the practice for him, but he tired after the second number.  That thing just took way too long.

This isn’t the first time our generational gap has been so apparent.  On several occasions, I’ve referenced something which seemed perfectly clear to me but was absolute poppycock to my children.

And so, prompted by my coming to terms with my oldbaggery, I present you with things from my childhood (and if you’re 30+, yours as well) kids these days will never understand.

catharsis by lauraABOUT LAURA: Laura is a wife, mother, teacher, and lover of humor.  When she’s not neglecting the laundry and letting her kids watch too much TV, she’s busily grading papers, maintaining her blog, Catharsis, and drinking too much wine.  Find her on Facebook at Catharsis: Parenting and stuff. With mediocrity and on Twitter.





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