You Don’t Know What You Got Til It’s Gone by For the Love of Writing

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 You Don’t Know What You Got Til It’s Gone

~:: For the Love of Writing ::~

Pick up linesMost women would agree that being hit on is an obnoxious experience. One cheesy, lame, overused pick-up line after another. All a girl wants is to order a pineapple upside down cake martini without being asked if it hurt when she fell from heaven. We didn’t realize it, ladies, but those were the good ole days. Men today are taking come-ons to whole new level. A terrifying level. A level that will make you wish, if not beg, for the years of yore when all a guy wanted from you was a quarter so he could call his mom to tell her he met the woman he’s going to marry.

Sarcasm GoddessABOUT THE SARCASM GODDESS: The Sarcasm Goddess is one part writer, two parts sarcasm, all parts crazy.  She’s obscenely in love with bacon and has it on good authority that the UPS guy is trying to kill her. When she isn’t writing, she spends her time super-gluing her finger to her forehead, offering hugs to people who don’t want them, and making her husband go, “YOU DID WHAT?!” Currently on the fifth edit of her first novel, she hopes to have it finished sometime before the world ends.

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