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Mommy-bladder (yes, this is a post about leaky pee)

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Okay, mommas, it’s time to talk leaky pee – ours, not the kids. If you just read that and thought Eww and this doesn’t apply to you, you should probably just skip this post. Also, if I know you in “real life” feel free not to read this. If you do, just pretend you didn’t the next time we see each other. I’m a little surprised that I’m about to write about leaky bladders and rogue toots. Blogging is a slippery slope, isn’t it? But I am setting my own dignity aside in the hopes that this may be helpful to someone. Or at least 20 people. I wouldn’t put my dignity on the line unless it helped at least 20 people. Since this thing I’m about to write about is an issue that may affect as many as 34% of mommas, I think 20 is a fair hope.

ABOUT ELLIE: Ellie is a psychologist-turned-momma who blogs at Musing Momma, where she reflects on motherhood and shares her thoughts on parenting, raising children in a multiracial family, and creating community. She believes in living with compassion and kindness, the power of appreciation and optimism, laughing a lot, and trying her best not to judge others. She lives in the Northeast with her exceptionally patient husband and their two adorable but very mischievous boys (ages 3 & 6).

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