Don’t Dog Sit If You Want To Be a Brain Surgeon by The Dose of Reality

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Don’t Dog Sit If You Want To Be a Brain Surgeon

~:: The Dose of Reality ::~

What happens when you take a lowly medical student excited to see her first real patient and entrust her with your dog? If you throw in a dislike of nightgowns, a knack for sloppiness, and a naked boyfriend, you’ll get one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. Oh, and a promising career that ended before it ever began. Take my advice– don’t ever dog sit if you want to be a brain surgeon

ABOUT LISA: Lisa and her best friend Ashley are the bloggers behind The Dose of Reality where they tell it like it is…like it *really* is.

In her previous life before carpool ruled her every waking moment, Lisa was a practicing physician in Internal Medicine. These days the only doctoring she does is diagnosing her kids with “don’t want to go to bed itis” and assuring her husband that man-colds are not fatal. Having realized decades ago that cool wasn’t in her wheelhouse, she happily embraces her ancient minivan and wearing yoga pants as many waking hours as possible.

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