Mini Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Lindsay Ostrom


There are all kinds of holiday cookies out there, but you can’t beat gooey chocolate holiday cookies. They’re far and away the best in my opinion. Lindsay at Pinch of Yum goes so far as to describe her mini chocolate thumbprint cookies as fudgy ….or not.

“These are fudgy bliss. Unless you don’t want them to be fudgy, in which case you can bake them on the longer end and let the frosting set longer and you’ll end up with more of a shortbready sort of thing”

I love that she gives you options. The best part about these cookies is Lindsay’s story about making them with her students in the Philippines during a typhoon. She tells about students who didn’t really know what frosting was, and curious neighbors who were peeking in to see what all the giggling was about. I love cookies, but the real spirit of the holiday season truly lies in sharing the experience of baking with those you care about. Love makes everything taste good. Chocolate or not. ~Betsy




Mini Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies. A perfect, bite-sized holiday treat

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