Sparkling Sugared Cranberries

Chung-Ah Rhee


Sparkling sugared cranberries may just be the perfect holiday snack. They’re simple, seasonal and super easy to make. Guilt free? Sooooort of. They’re definitely better for you than the traditional southern style coconut cream cake I make each Christmas and they are definitely a gluten free snack!

In my opinion, November is a time to indulge in savory foods. Turkey rules the month, but let’s not forget about the stuffing, potatoes and gravy! Now that the calendar is about to flip to December, my focus is shifting to all things sweet. Cookies, truffles and cakes are on my mind this holiday season. When I saw these sugared cranberries, I knew they needed to be added to my December sweets roster.

“They’re incredibly easy to make with just 2 ingredients, and they’re perfect for dressing up desserts! Not only that, these tart and sweet cranberries are so perfect for holiday snacking. I’m sure even Santa would love these by the tree!”

Leaving sugared cranberries for Santa in lieu of cookies sounds like a California thing if you ask me, and I think I’ll include a few in treat bags I make for my neighbors, UPS guy, postman, gardener and pool guy every year. I’ll keep my traditional fat slice of coconut cream cake for Santa. ~ Betsy




These sugared cranberries are the perfect recipe for a mix of sweet and tart for the holidays

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Chung-Ah Rhee is a New York native who transplanted herself to sunny California a decade ago for school and hasn’t left. She shares her love of cooking with her readers on her food blog, Damn Delicious where she takes simple, fresh ingredients and transforms them into sophisticated and elegant meals. When she’s not cooking or taking food photography, she enjoys spending her time running by the beach and scoping out the best restaurants in each city that she visits.