Mason Jar Sewing Kit by It All Started with Paint

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Mason Jar Sewing Kit

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Mason Jar Sewing Kit by It All Started with Paint

I have to admit the whole mason jar allure eluded me at first.

Yes, yes, I know that statement is enough to get me kicked out of the diy-ers club.  In fact, I think I hear the blogging police banging on my front door, threatening to disconnect my internet connection and confiscate my Adobe Lightroom photo editing software …

But that all changed last summer.  It was a day like any other day.  I was strolling through the Target, in search of a new tea kettle.  That’s when I spotted them.  At the end cap.  A 12-pack of Ball mason jars for just $9.99.  I scooped them up.  I put them in my trunk.  And that’s where they remained for months on end …

I did break them out for a fall votive project.  And then again when I was trying out a blue tint recipe using Mod Podge and food coloring.

And now that “heavy lifting” is forbidden for the next 6-8 weeks — per my rock star hand surgeon’s orders – I thought it might be time to put that 12-pack of Ball mason jars to the test …

… you know, with 6-8 weeks of mason jar projects.

First up is a knock-off of Anthropologie’s Mason Jar Sewing Kit  …

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