How Our Society Raises Young Boys by Good Day, Regular People

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How Our Society Raises Young BoysI’ve been told that I take things beyond where they need to go.

Getting up from a comfortable position on the sofa — and living in Wisconsin, that means removing a warm quilt off my lap — I will walk across a room and pick up the remote to change the channel if a commercial comes on that demeans women.

We won’t watch it.

When the few magazines that we subscribe to come to the house, my three boys know I get them first, to check the pages for inappropriate content and portrayals of women. Sometimes only half the magazine is left when I’m through.

We won’t read it.

If lyrics come on the radio screaming about what a woman is for and what to do to her, I’ll push that button down on the radio to turn it off like I’m trying to send it through the dashboard.

We won’t listen to it.

ABOUT ALEXANDRA: Alexandra is a first-generation American who writes memoir and humor for various writing websites. She posts on her blogGood Day, Regular People of life in a small town as the mother of three boys where she tries hard to go unnoticed. She was named a 2011 BlogHer Voice of The Year for Humor. a 2012 Babble Top 100 Mom Blogger, and 2012 Most Interesting Blogger and Best Female Blogger by Studio30Plus, an online writing community. She was part of the nationally acclaimed The Moth Live Storyteller’s Tour, and is currently seeking a publisher for her memoir The Real Story of Milwaukee’s First Latino Gang: Tales of an immigrant family and their Colombian bandana-wearing ways.

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