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Have you heard? It’s the Season of Love! Chocolates, valentines, bubbly, date night. Sound good?

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I’m with you. Forget all of that and let’s grab a book or movie that makes us smile, laugh and just feel good.  Here’s my version of the Season of Love — through words and pictures. Enjoy with your special someone, a group of friends or your favorite sweats and a box of Godivas.

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Can you define love? A word that takes on many forms and personalities, love means something different to everyone. From F. Scott Fitzgerald to Maeve Binchy, this selection of authors will try to define love and will make you laugh, cry, hate and…love. The characters portrayed on these pages are, in a base way, all looking for their own perfect definition. How they get there is the real story.



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Wonderful leading men (check). No nonsense ladies (check). Great soundtrack (check). Need I say more?


ABOUT BETH: Beth Panageotou is the brains and muscle behind the Mission Read campaign, an organic grassroots literacy campaign stressing the “need to read!” She is also co-founder of Page’s Corner, and the Editor of the Library, here at Bonbon Break. She is an information junkie with an obsession with seashells from the Jersey shore, secretly wishes to be JB Fletcher and loves the constant chaos of life with her two daughters. Bucket list item: to be on Sesame Street.


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